Handled With Care
One month into the new year and boy did it go by fast. We have been working nonstop since the Holidays and our work continues. This month will be just as busy as the last, if not busier! We are going to have a booth at the Black River Coliseum for the Indoor Yard Sale. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by our booth. We'll be happy to see you all!
This month we are starting a handful of early seedlings for our massive garden. We have obtained half of our bee equipment. We also stumbled across a comic book shop in Poplar Bluff downtown. We understand there was a comic book shop down there a few years ago and it closed. This one is new and quite open for business. It's at the end of Poplar St. where the Post Office is located and the one-way street the Court House is on. We hope you stop by if you enjoy comics and merchandise or know a family or friend that does. If you mention to the owner you heard about the store from our site, Handled with Care Farm and Rabbitry, you'll receive a discount on your purchase! The shop does special orders with a minimum deposit and has a vast selection of comic books! Stop the shop or drop us a line if you need a website or phone number. I would put it up now, but I seem to have misplaced the business card. :)
So seeds, pregnant bunnies and a weaning liter, selling events, and new friends litter this month. I almost forgot that Kristy and I will be talking to the committee board for the Butler County Fair to reinstate the Poultry and small animal competitions. So far all they have is a small pet competition. We know that people our interested in entering their poultry and we would love to hear from you. We will be talking to the committee on the 14th of February. Please drop us a line by then and tell us what you think. That's all for now. Next month is full of events too. The Fruitland poultry and small live stock swap starts on the 2nd Saturday of March and continues every 2nd Saturday of each month. More on that as it comes up.
Take care all!


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