Handled With Care
Sekhmet's babies are a few days old, their white fur starting to come in. These babies will be available in about six weeks. They don't have any obvious mismarks yet! Sekhmet is as happy to show off her kits as she is to show off herself!
Tonight while checking on my goat, one of the silkies--temporarily up in a smaller cage to avoid all the melting snow puddles--started to give us a piece of her mind. Oh Agate!
Toula, my pregnant doe, is showing many signs of close kidding. Her udder has doubled in size and her tail ligaments have softened a great deal. She seemed restless tonight but I'm not sure what that means. Goats are so darn mysterious!
Forgive the photo's lighting; it was night time in a barn after all!
On a final note, we have a few Lionheads available. We have two Sable Points (one solid, one broken) and two Red Eyed Whites. They're right at breeding age!
Have a great snowy rest of the week!

7/24/2017 05:18:18 am

I want the rabbit above


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