Handled With Care
Hello All! We have had a happy and busy week! We currently joined a small Farmer's Market that is just lovely! All of the vendors are so friendly and made us feel very welcome. We will be putting pictures of our "table" up on the "Crafting" section. Hopefully if you visited us and received a card that brought you to this website, you will visit our table next week! We will be bringing Hazel, Cleopatra and Frodo with us to show off and let everyone see some of our rabbits up close. We will also have four guineas with us either this coming Saturday or the one after. More details on that later. The animals will be for exhibition purposes--to give people a better idea of what they can expect from our rabbitry--but Angel should be having babies very soon. After palpating we felt what we believed was at least one fetus and she shows some other signs such as getting fatter and growling when we pick her up. On the 14th of October we will be placing the nest box into her cage and I will be reporting her behavior--and hopefully posting some pictures! If you are already on our waiting list for a baby, you will be receiving a call from us as soon as she kindles!

In other news, we are doing big renovations on our barn! We have pulled tin off of the side and put our posts up for the Turkey and Silkie pens! we only have to finish the wire yard and inside part of the coop and we'll be in good shape! Hopefully by the end of next week they'll all be in their new homes enjoying more space. I will post more pictures as soon as the construction is done and the birds have been moved around! For now, here's some in-progress shots!

Wish us luck and hopefully we'll see you at the farmer's market!


Soon to be Turkey pen!
Side View of the barn!
Both "coops" with the sand put down!
The pile of wood--and our lunch--from when we cleaned out the unused stalls!

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