Handled With Care
Our website is now finished enough to publish. We thank you for visiting and hope that you will fill out a Contact Information Form with any question you may have. Also, if you received a card with our phone numbers, feel free to contact us by phone at any time!
To polish the website we took some updated pictures of the rabbits. It took about an hour and some of them were not too thrilled but cheered up after receiving a treat or two--those are the blue things in some of the pictures. Our Lionhead doe Angel is bred and we will be palpating to confirm this in a couple of days. As soon as she gives birth we will count the babies and identify--as well as possible--colors. When she is calm enough we will photograph the nest box and the babies. Hopefully we have a good healthy litter! Thank you for visiting!

10/22/2011 09:00:44 am

Love your blog!!!


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