Handled With Care
Hello everyone!

Busy busy couple of weeks. :) We had our first day at the Poplar Bluff Sale Barn. It went well, but was real cold. Prices on Lip Gloss went up a dollar to two dollars and it was still selling like hot cakes. New Soaps coming soon and we tried out making candles for the first time. We have four tea-lights that are looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

Updates on the Rabbits. We have many new faces. Three new Lionhead does and a new breed all together. French Angoras! Yes, that means we will be having wool for sale soon. :) Pictures will be updated soon of the new bred, please do look for them. Now onto our Lionheads. We have Lola, Juliet (she's still a kit), and Duchess. We believe we bought Lola pregnant (we will know in a few days) and Duchess has been bred on the 8th of Nov with our Blue Ribbon winner Sam Wise. Angel has also been bred again with BigWig and we are quite sure she is pregnant now.
Our white New Zealand, Strawberry, is due on the 18th of Nov and she is excited. She prances about her cage in anticipation. We both know she is going to be a wonderful mother. All those interested in meat rabbits please contact us!

Tomorrow is Friday! Please come out and see us at the Sale Barn! We'll be there from 8 to 12! Get some holiday soap or jewelery for your special someone for Christmas day.

Have a great day everyone!


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